Magnetic bimetal caps

Custom made caps
for chromatography

“Bimetal” caps or caps for chromatography are unique capsules consisting of an aluminium ring with a central body made in magnetic tinplate.
Bimetal capsules are suitable for closing bottles for chromatography and for laboratory analysis, the tinplate core permits the movement of the bottles from one station to another.
Bimetal capsules have a diameter of 20 mm and a central hole of 6 or 8 mm and are available with a ring in red, green, gold, blue and silver and are also resistant to autoclave sterilization.
The tinplate version can also be supplied in silver.

Capsule a vite
Capsule a vite
Capsule a vite

Technical data

In the table below you will find the standard sizes and dimensions of our bimetal chromatography capsules.
Upon specific request, we can provide drawings and technical datasheets. Our technical office is available for any changes and customizations of formats.


Diametre Hole
20 mm 6 mm
20 mm 8 mm


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Capsule a vite Mignon


Capsule a vite Mignon

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Capsule a vite Mignon


Capsule a vite Mignon


Capsule a vite Mignon